Nemunas - the river separates Lithuania
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2. Mosvidius' Works

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On the basis of the most recent bibliographic data, it is possible to make up the following list of Mosvidius’ works:

1. CATECHISMVSA PRASTY SZADEI...(Königsberg, H. Weinreich’s printing shop, 1547, 79 pp.) - the first Lithuanian book, referred to simply as the Catechism. At present, there are two original copies extant, one in the Library of Vilnius University, the other in the Library of Torun University, Poland (sign. Pol.6.II.189).

The title page of

2. GIESME S. AMBRASEIJAUS BEI AUGUSTINA ...(Königsberg. H. Weinreich’s printing shop, 1549, 16 pp.) - a publication of three hymns which are also included, in a slightly expanded version, in Mosvidius’ hymn book. The original copy is in the Kurnik Library, Poland (sign. Cim. 0279).


3. FORMA CHRIKSTIMA (Königsberg. J. Daubman’s printing shop, 1559, 42 pp.) - the original copy is in the Library of Torun University (sign. Pol.6.II.5 adl., Pol.6.II.190 adl.)


4. GESMES CHRIKSCZONISKAS (Königsberg. J. Daubman’s printing shop, 1566, 1570). The foreword carries the signature of Mosvidius as the publisher, but actually the book was published by Baltramiejus Willentas three years after Mosvidius’ death. Except for two pieces, the first part (94 pp.) includes Mosvidius’ own hymns. There is no conclusive evidence whether Mosvidius intended to publish this book in two parts. The first part includes hymns sung between the Advent and Christmas to Gramnyczu (in February). The second part, including hymns sung between Easter to the Advent (350 pp.) and was published by Willentas without indicating that the book was written by Mosvidius. Traditionally, however, the second part is also attributed, with certain reservations, to Mosvidius. It is a large book of hymns, the preparation for publication of which must have consumed a considerable time. The main source of the hymn book was Luther’s Geistliche Lieder (1553), but works of other Protestant poets were used as well. It also includes translations from German, Latin, Polish, probably some additional original hymns. The book includes several prayers.


5. PARAPHRASIS...(Königsberg, G. Osterberger’s printing shop, 1589, 14 pp.) - Mosvidius’ translation of Paraphrasis des Vater vnsers, taken from Prussian agenda Kirchen Ordnung (1558, II, 23 pp.). The original copy is in the Library of Uppsala University (sign.123.322).


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